Black Girl, PWI: “You write black stuff?”

A great dialogue about how White washed our media is.

He tried so hard to be polite but averted his eyes as he asked. My stomach sank because I didn’t know if this was the moment to check him or let it ride.

So I found a happy-medium answer:

(via Giphy))

He went on to ask if there were any mainstream publications I might write for that had ‘black sections’. Really, it sounded like, “Why don’t you go to the section white people created for you instead of going to a black media outlet?”

The answer I wished I said:

I hope to work where I can flip or scroll through the text and see more than unremarkable content that lets white people set the standards of beauty, intellect and historical significance. Where they won’t offer a tutorial on how to moisturize black hair while using a cartoon that resembles Sandra Bullock. To read a profile on Viola Davis sans backhanded…

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