Can’t Sleep Series: 2

You ever have those nights where you miss sleeping in the same bed as someone? Just to have their heartbeat ease you to sleep, their heat soothe you, and their touch comfort you… That’s what I need on nights like tonight. When the noise in my head is too loud and I can’t shut it off. When not even my muscle relaxers I have to take, slows the quite aggressive whirl of my mental gears. Because I am tired. I’ve been tired since 10pm. I thought I was relaxed. Now my body is wired and ready to get things done for the day. What amazes me is, I haven’t had a cup of coffee for over a week. I stopped drinking it because it kept me up until 2. It’s now 3, maybe I should just start drinking it again.

Honestly, I just want to sleep. To touch. To dream. The simple things.


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