Your doubt exchanged to allow
you rest, my peace forsaken with
glimpses of insanity. Believe or
lose faith, infinite with the loss
of trust, either you do or you do
not. Bleed as my heart beats, floating
from one rejection to smash into a heartfelt confession.

Touches everlasting, hands clasped
while lips search passionately. Things
hidden in the folds of arms, caressed
into coming out. Secrets, memories,
pains hard to bear. Souls sucked and
pushed back. Holes filled with hands,
applying pressure, wounds slowing,
bleeding, closing.

Ease in which we breathe, never
obtained, begged for, sought
after, slips like a hand to a thigh,
shocking, a hand to the throat,
wanted the sliding with ease. Opened
freely, boundaries, self sacrifice, but
fear. The risk too great, or is it the
pain that’s at stake?



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