Treasured Garbage

    your hoarded speeches, convoluted
    excuses, reasons for saying no, yet
    still riding down the road, your
    mind made up where lack of
    sense has struck.

    for granted, love returned with
    titles held, lies to the fish
    swimming around the hook, bait
    nipping to test the worm, nipping
    to test the man.

Abused Use
    you’ve begun to change, when
    will you see I have stayed, prayed,
    but will leave, heart bleeding, tears
    trailing, if the tide continues to
    rise, I must survive.

Repeated Dreams
    of you, me, yet reality claims you
    after every blink, that beat. After
    every caress, constricting relief, lying
    exhausted, efforts overpoured, but
    the fire everlasting, scorched soul.


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