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My headaches have been back with a vengence the last couple weeks…maybe its been over a month. I don’t know, I dont keep track, although I probably should. So….sometime last year I saw this article about how the daith ear piercing can help relieve headaches due to its position in the ear; apparently there’s some sort of pressure point.

Yesterday I lost my vision 3 times, my reaction time was terrible, and driving was a real task. Today i woke up energetic, but by the time I ate breakfast around 11, I was exhausted. I had a list of things I wanted to do and had time deadlines, but I couldn’t move. I thought I was just being lazy until I realized that picking up my phone was hard. It felt like 10 pounds in my hand, lifting my head up to stare at the screen was exhausting.

So. I said screw it and got up anyway, today was voting day in my state, and it was important to me, even though it probably wouldnt make any real difference, to go out and vote. Still tired, still in pain, I went and got it done. Now, back to the beginning, the place I go to is close to the tattoo palor I always go to, so I decided to swing by and get my tattoos priced.

Next thing I know, I’m walking in and he’s asking me what I’m in for, and I say for a piercing. (I was probably distracted because of how cute he was, cause he was very attractive and his beard was just beautiful!) Next thing I know……



Random Thoughts

I am a thinker, a chronic thinker.

I store comments like a squirrel and nuts. Like that one from Ice Age that just can’t let that one nut go.

It can be a bad thing, as it can prevent me from moving on from a situation, but it can also be a good thing.

Like an 🐘 I horde things in my mind. A pack 🐀 of unnecessary things. But then there are the treasures.

All the times he calls me sweetheart, opens up his heart and mind to me, compliments me, or special moments in general, those are what I call the highlight reel.

I sometimes get sad often. And I use these reels to help me. They calm me, give me things to look forward to, motivate me to conquer whatever is pulling me down.

Its important, positive reinforcement, telling someone you see the growth in them. My sister commented on one of my posts here, and whenever I need a boost, I go back and read her comment. I look at her sincerity and I meditate on her encouragement.

Or my daughter. A simple “i love you ma” changes the course of my emotional state. Its a reminder that not only am I cared for, but I have responsibilities. I have to work hard not just for me but for my friends and family so that we can get better collectively.

Be encouraged.
Find the little things.
Hold on to them.
Because when things get hard, the little things add up, a foundation is built, and before you know it, you’re elevated amd elated.

Wild Child

You speak to me, spirit to spirit, you
recognize yourself in my words, when
your spirit connects to mine we run free. You
allow me, I allow you, together, ride the waves,
let them pass, back to rest, we give space
to be, not too much, enough, with
time to grow, just not apart.

Your soul is the fire I’ve been looking for, lost
I was seeking, jumping, running from candle to
candle, when I needed a raging fire, a great typhoon, a
tranquil forest, somewhere I could burn, drown, and renew
my mind body soul. With no qualms you engulfed me,
tore me apart, planted seeds, and watered them.

Love and positivity, no nonsense
words spoken to ignite me, change
of mindset, you entice me. You are
my fresh air in the midst of sparkly pollution.
No greener the grass, give me that smile, those
lips, the depths of those eyes, that hide behind
the fear of me seeing the man beneath.

But I see you, with clarity that you grant
me, time and time again when you show
the root of my love, your heart, a man seeking,
diving for treasures left untouched.

Can’t Sleep Series: 4

I havent been able to sleep lately. Stress, bodily pains, headaches, and a million thoughts have been my companions. I’ve had this same headache for 4 or 5 days… I should’ve kept better track but I’d gotten comfortable with not having them everyday. Also noticed I’ve been having trouble remembering numbers or remembering tasks I’m trying to do.

I don’t know if there are technical term, but I call this a flare up. The last month or so has added enough stress on me that I’ve jacked up my bodies balance. It probably hasn’t helped that I got off track with my vitamins.

I know, I know. The vitamins are “the easy part”, but for awhile they were making me feel worse when I was taking them. I personally don’t think I need them all the time. Maybe just when I’m really stressed or having a flare up. Just to help me regulate my body while it’s going through some foolishness.

Right now. I’m exhausted but my brain is wide awake. Running running running. I’m so tired, my eyes are burning and aching. I always do better with physical touch. Missing that on top of everything else isn’t helping much either but… In due time, for now, it’s back to water, smoothies, meal preps, and vitamins. Gotta cut back on being out late, being out at all, and my extra curricular activities.

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