Can’t Sleep Series: 4

I havent been able to sleep lately. Stress, bodily pains, headaches, and a million thoughts have been my companions. I’ve had this same headache for 4 or 5 days… I should’ve kept better track but I’d gotten comfortable with not having them everyday. Also noticed I’ve been having trouble remembering numbers or remembering tasks I’m trying to do.

I don’t know if there are technical term, but I call this a flare up. The last month or so has added enough stress on me that I’ve jacked up my bodies balance. It probably hasn’t helped that I got off track with my vitamins.

I know, I know. The vitamins are “the easy part”, but for awhile they were making me feel worse when I was taking them. I personally don’t think I need them all the time. Maybe just when I’m really stressed or having a flare up. Just to help me regulate my body while it’s going through some foolishness.

Right now. I’m exhausted but my brain is wide awake. Running running running. I’m so tired, my eyes are burning and aching. I always do better with physical touch. Missing that on top of everything else isn’t helping much either but… In due time, for now, it’s back to water, smoothies, meal preps, and vitamins. Gotta cut back on being out late, being out at all, and my extra curricular activities.


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