Random Thoughts

I am a thinker, a chronic thinker.

I store comments like a squirrel and nuts. Like that one from Ice Age that just can’t let that one nut go.

It can be a bad thing, as it can prevent me from moving on from a situation, but it can also be a good thing.

Like an 🐘 I horde things in my mind. A pack 🐀 of unnecessary things. But then there are the treasures.

All the times he calls me sweetheart, opens up his heart and mind to me, compliments me, or special moments in general, those are what I call the highlight reel.

I sometimes get sad often. And I use these reels to help me. They calm me, give me things to look forward to, motivate me to conquer whatever is pulling me down.

Its important, positive reinforcement, telling someone you see the growth in them. My sister commented on one of my posts here, and whenever I need a boost, I go back and read her comment. I look at her sincerity and I meditate on her encouragement.

Or my daughter. A simple “i love you ma” changes the course of my emotional state. Its a reminder that not only am I cared for, but I have responsibilities. I have to work hard not just for me but for my friends and family so that we can get better collectively.

Be encouraged.
Find the little things.
Hold on to them.
Because when things get hard, the little things add up, a foundation is built, and before you know it, you’re elevated amd elated.


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