New addition

My headaches have been back with a vengence the last couple weeks…maybe its been over a month. I don’t know, I dont keep track, although I probably should. So….sometime last year I saw this article about how the daith ear piercing can help relieve headaches due to its position in the ear; apparently there’s some sort of pressure point.

Yesterday I lost my vision 3 times, my reaction time was terrible, and driving was a real task. Today i woke up energetic, but by the time I ate breakfast around 11, I was exhausted. I had a list of things I wanted to do and had time deadlines, but I couldn’t move. I thought I was just being lazy until I realized that picking up my phone was hard. It felt like 10 pounds in my hand, lifting my head up to stare at the screen was exhausting.

So. I said screw it and got up anyway, today was voting day in my state, and it was important to me, even though it probably wouldnt make any real difference, to go out and vote. Still tired, still in pain, I went and got it done. Now, back to the beginning, the place I go to is close to the tattoo palor I always go to, so I decided to swing by and get my tattoos priced.

Next thing I know, I’m walking in and he’s asking me what I’m in for, and I say for a piercing. (I was probably distracted because of how cute he was, cause he was very attractive and his beard was just beautiful!) Next thing I know……



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