I listened to every dream, no matter the hyperbole. I believed each one, truly listened, not just nodding waiting for you to stop talking. I had hope, saw all the things you could be. Believed every promise, the “I’ll get clean”. 

The “this time will be different,

I won’t keep making the same mistakes,

I don’t take you for granted, I can’t make

it without you, I want us in a better

When I’m there, I remind you of

all the things you’re not, of all the

plans I thought we’d make, yet I’m

the only one making them; that was

my first mistake. 

“I’m just having fun” but that’s all

you’ve been doing, fun running from

your problems, like an airbender movie.

Me saying I love you, that I’m fighting 

to make it work, a dream to someone,

who has yet learned to truly listen, and

doesn’t understand love. What words 

can be said, after they’ve been

 said a thousand times. Destruction

ensuing with the abuse of free will and



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