Not Rocket Science

I find myself saying this a lot lately. People make things so much more complicated than they have to be. And I’m not saying that sometimes things DON’T get complicated, but everyday, every week, every month, there is not a huge conflict in relationships; if there is, that sounds toxic.


It’s crazy to me that people can’t see when they are pushing you away, and or pushing you to the point where you don’t want anything to do with them. This is regardless of loving them, them being a friend, or being family. I have two people in my life, one family, the other a “friend” who I love, but currently don’t want to have anything to do with. It’s like they coordinate their screw ups and bs excuses and repetitive apologizes.

But there’s no reason to keep apologizing. A part of being a human being is having the ability to learn. Some people learn quickly, others a little slower. But we have this ability, so why not use it? It simply doesn’t make sense to me that people would rather make the same poor decisions versus improve. 


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