Strong hands kneed the pain to the surface, weaker knees fight to stay straight, when all I want is to bend until my body is beneath yours. Your smile reassures me, or attempts to, the sweat trail starts with mixed thoughts of how hard those teeth bite. The chill that sways me like willow leaves hits a second time, almost keeping me trapped within the moment. I clench at the thought of your mouth on me. Clench more at the thought of my nails leaving their own trails across your shoulders and back. 

Feeling your hands trace my essence, gives me all the life I need. Basking in your light feeds the starved beast within me, gives me a moment to stop, throw my head back, and see the things around me. 


Feed me more, unwilling to let go, refusing to be satiated, I want it all. To be full off you, would be the end of a dream, not ready to let the fantasy go. I just want you to save me. 


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