What I’m not understanding is how people are holding an entire nation responsible for the terrorist attacks of ISIS. To me, it’s just another opportunity for people to allow their fear to create hatred, racism, and prejudice against human beings they know nothing about. Let’s be honest, if we take this back, Europeans are the reason the world is swinging from its axis the way that it is. If you refuse to believe that, you’re most likely a part of the problem. I’ll get back to why later.

What saddens me, breaks my heart is that Syria is getting bombed from all sides. People are saying the French have the right, but who deems that to be the case. It’s murder. They are murdering innocent men, women, and children. They are destroying people’s lives who had nothing to do with what happened at ANY of the terrorist attacks that have been happening. Yet people are justifying their behavior. You are a part of the problem. This is exactly how the cycle continues. It breeds more hate, more distrust, and you are giving these terrorist groups ammo as you continue to needlessly murder innocent human beings.

What’s irritating and infuriating are the individuals on Facebook, who are mostly white, that are posting meme after meme about not accepting Syrian refugees. They are justifying this ignorance by saying that the refugees should prove their religion in order to be granted entry, that they are going to murder Americans, and that there are Americans already suffering so the United States doesn’t have the resources.

Let’s start at the first piece of horsedung. People have been shoving Christianity out of this country like garbage. By all means necessary. Debunking the fact that this country was even founded on Christianity, so why now are they using it as a method to predict if someone is capable of suicidal bombings, or terrorist attacks? It’s hilarious to me how the media and our government uses religion as a means of control all the while turning people against it. Think on that.

Second load of dung. The refugees may kill Americans. Baltimore’s death toll has hit 300 and is rising. You care? I haven’t seen any social theories or any critical social analysis on why or how to stop what’s happening. American police have killed more people than those that were killed in the Paris bombing. You care? Because many of you say the officers had the right to kill another human being who was unarmed regardless of what evidence shows otherwise. So while you have this bogus self righteous worry about Americans losing their lives, remember that Americans are killing Americans and you’re not even batting an eye. 

Lastly, let’s talk about the lack of resources. Name a time where this wasn’t the case. And I’m done. See how easy that was. But just to add some flavor. Where have you donated? What letters have you written for social reform? How do you feel about raising minimum wage, how do you feel about outsourcing American jobs so that children and women can slave for less than soda machine change in order to make your goods? How do you feel about free healthcare,  preventative healthcare? What have you done?

When I really sit back and look at the dominant group of people who are posting these memes they’re white. So that means, you’re a descendant of an immigrant, a descendant of a European destroyer, a descendant of a refugee, or a descendant of an illegal immigrant. Overall, you’re an unwanted settler. Let’s talk about. If you weren’t of European blood, most likely your ancestors were viewed the way Mexicans are viewed now. Your people were bottom feeders, unwanted, less than, and were treated as such. That’s what’s so funny about it.

We take/took history classes to learn about the things we shouldn’t repeat. We learn so we don’t make the same mistakes but here we are. The same ones who cried about the Holocaust are saying to turn Syrian refugees away. The same people who questioned “what was the US doing when the Jew’s were being annihilated” are the same people saying to turn Syrians away. NONE of you would be here, exactly here the way you are now, if the Natives of this land hadn’t welcomed, and helped the first settlers. But you’re right… Let them die, turn them away, and when your children and grandchildren ask you “What was the US doing when the Syrians were being annihilated” you can tell them you helped.


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