Justine Skye “Emotionally Unavailable”

Just checking out this album and so far, I find it refreshing. I like her voice, it’s soothing, and her lyrics aren’t repetitive and annoying like a lot of these artists out here. Also enjoy the extra at the end of some of the songs; reminds me of the 90s when they would record snippets of conversations and put them in the song. Dope.


I created this playlist thinking of one person in particular. I love music, it gives so many different ways to say how you feel. I listen to this when I feel that I’m unable to say what it is I want to say to the person I care about. This…this lets me listen to how I feel and write it out into art. Still adding to it, of course, it changes and evolves as my feelings do.

Call On Me …by Me

I wrote this song in one sitting. Was thinking of one of my closest friends, and someone I found myself attracted to in more ways than one. It was an interesting experience, from accepting those feelings, to hearing this beat, to realizing that the beat told me what to write down and what direction it wanted to take. This is my first full song that I’ve sung, and written myself in a solid 5 years. I absolutely adore it.


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